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Online Gift Registry Upgrade Options

You can sign up for free, build your online gift registry for free, and guests can use it for free! When you sign up, you are automatically using the Lite Package. See below for the advantages of upgrading.

Upgrade Options Comparison

Lite Package Standard Package Ultimate Package
Number of Gifts (1) 15 100 Unlimited
Number of Gift Categories (2) 3 10 Unlimited
Number of Events (3) 1 1 Unlimited
RSVP for guests (4) No No Yes
Cost (5) FREE AUD $65 AUD $90

(1) The maximum number of gifts you can have on your online gift registry for guests to purchase

(2) The maximum number of categories in which you can place gifts. For a bridal gift registry, you might like to use categories like "Kitchen" or "Loungeroom"

(3) The maximum number of events you can create. For example, you might like to create an engagement gift registry and then later a wedding gift registry

(4) Allows you to use our RSVP system so that guests can let you know they are coming to the event - and allows you to download the list once everyone has replied

(5) How much you will need to pay. You can design your online gift registry before you pay any money for any of the packages. For the standard and ultimate packages, you will need to pay to activate your online gift registry and allow guests to view it

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