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How does your online gift registry work?

Do you wish to host an online gift registry?

  • Hosts can sign up for an online gift registry and set it up for free here. Once setup, you can activate it in your control panel.
  • If you wish to upgrade your online gift registry, you can pay via credit card, or with PayPal.
  • You choose a web address like:
  • You then create a list of gift categories (Eg. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom etc.) and then you place your gifts in those categories. You are able to upload images for both categories and gifts. Category images are useful for guests to see how the room in your house looks, for example. You can set an estimated value for each gift too.
  • You can configure things like welcome messages, thankyou messages, colours, etc.
  • If you choose the ultimate package with the RSVP system, once all guests have entered their names, you can download the list stright into MS Excel ™ as a CSV file.
  • Once guests have completed the online gift registry, it can also be downloaded straight into MS Excel ™ as a CSV file.

Are you a guest?

  • The details on how to access the online gift registry will be provided by the host, most likely on your invitation.
  • Once you have selected the gift you wish to purchase for the host, you can put your name down for that gift.
  • If you have selected a "single purchase" gift (ie. the host has only requested one of that gift and it is not a multi-buyer item) you simply click the "I will buy this gift" link and enter your details. You then need to purchase the gift at your convenience, and from wherever you wish (unless the host has given specific instructions!).
  • If you have chosen a gift where the host has requested multiples of that gift, the same applies, except you can also select how many you wish to purchase.
  • If you have chosen a gift that is a multiple buyer gift (ie. you can put money towards a more expensive item) then all you need to do is enter your details and give the money stright to the guest (via whatever method the host requests).
  • There is no cost to the guests (apart from purchasing the actual gift!)

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