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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's from Guests

Do I need to go out and buy the gift myself?
Maybe... maybe not. If you choose to contribute to a multi-buyer item listed in an online gift registry, then you don't need to go out and buy it. Just give the money to the host. The payment details will be on the summary page once you put your name down for the gift.
On the other hand, if you purchase one or more gifts from an online gift registry outright, then you do need to go out and buy it/them!

Does it cost anything for me to use the online gift registry?
No. Guests don't need to pay anything to use the online gift registry. The only cost to you is when you go out and buy the gift!

Oh no! I put my name down for the wrong gift! What do I do?
Don't panic! Just contact the host of the online gift registry and ask them to remove your name from that gift. You can then put your name down for the one you meant to.

Can I build my own online gift registry?
Sure! You can design your own online gift registry simply by entering your name, email and password into the "New gift registry" section on the left side of the page. Alternatively you can Click here!

FAQ's from Hosts

Why is the ultimate online gift registry?
Simply because offers the most comprehensive online gift registry system around. For starters, you can add any gift from any store, or you can list generic items and leave the choice up to the guest. You can manage all your and RSVP's and telegrams online. See How Does It Work for all the details.

How much does it cost?
It's free! There are upgrade options if you wish to add extra features. We challenge you to find an online gift registry system with as many features as! See Upgrade Options for all the details.

What is a Gift Category?
You are able to categorise your gifts into, for example, areas of your house. Categories could be things like Kitchen, Dining, Bathroom, Bedroom, Outdoors, Study etc. Setup your Gift Categories before you setup your gifts. Don't forget, you can also have up to 3 photos for each category - great for letting guests know what the room looks like considering they are buying a gift for it!

How do I let my guests know about the online gift registry?
A great way to let your guests know about your online gift registry is to put the web address (eg. and your event password on the invitation.

One of my guests wants me to remove their name from a gift. How do I do that?
First of all, login to your control panel and click on 'Manage Gifts'. Next to each gift listed, you will see a link called 'Who's bought?'. Click on that and you can remove any guests who have put their name down for that gift.

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